Marlene V. Lau
4030 TROY ST WAUSAU WI 54403-2260
Wisconsin voter registration number 0018079610

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Last Name:Lau
First Name:Marlene
Middle Name:V
Phone Number:0
Email Address:
Address 1:4030 TROY ST
Address 2:WAUSAU WI 54403-2260
Mailing Address 1:
Mailing Address 2
Mailing City, State, ZIP:
House Number:4030
Street Name:TROY ST
District Combo:37291-015-6223-1
Ward:City of Wausau - Ward 15
Congressional:Congressional - District 7
State Senate:State Senate - District 29
State Assembly:Assembly - District 85
Court of Appeals:Court of Appeals - District 3
Multi-Jurisdictional Judge:
County:Marathon County
CountySupervisory:Marathon County Supervisory District 6
Municipality:City of Wausau
Aldermanic:Wausau Aldermanic District 6
School:Wausau School District
High School:
Technical College:Northcentral Technical College
Representational School:
District Attorney:Marathon County District Attorney
Circuit Court:Marathon County Circuit Court Judge
First Class School:
Voter Status:Active
Voter Status Reason:Registered
Application Date:10/21/1980 5:00:00 AM
Is Permanent Absentee:
Voter Type:Regular
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