Wisconsin registered voters with surnames that start with S

About this site

     The Wisconsin voter list is among the most expensive, at $25,000 compared with Ohio, which you can download for free from the State website, and which includes dates of birth.

     A copy of a recent edition of the Wisconsin list, however, found its way to me and, even though it has no birth dates, I decided to build a website with it. I heard a Trump supporter bought it to check for dead people voting, — which is clearly his or her right — or at least that is the way they say it.

     It is physically impossible for a dead person to vote. What they mean, they should say: A deceased person remains on the list of registered voters and somebody criminally votes by impersonating the deceased registered voter.

Hand Democrats a Big Defeat

     The Democrats passed FATCA in 2010. Under FATCA, banks around the world are required to shell out huge sums on accountants to scour every account in the bank for signs the depositor may be classified as a United States person under United States law. Since one small misstep could trigger severe penalties on the bank’s U.S.-based income and assets, big banks prevailed on their governments to enter into agreements with the U.S. Treasury called IGA’s, which are not treaties. Under the IGA’s all banks in a country are deemed compliant with FATCA, and in exchange, that country’s government requires all the banks to comply. That means banks with no exposure to the United States government are still required to comply.

     Besides the outrageous expense to the banks in other countries, Canadian citizens living in Canada are finding themselves facing criminal charges and devastating financial penalties for failing to file income taxes, or for failing to report their “foreign” bank account in their home town in Canada, to the United States Treasury.

     These are Canadians classified as “United States persons” under United States laws, but the borders of the United States are the borders of the United States. The U.S. federal government has no business imposing income taxes and FBAR requirements on Canadians living in Canada, even the border babies born on the United States.

     Some persons who moved to Canada became citizens there. Under U.S. federal statutes, they were relieved of the United States citizenship when they got sworn in as Canadian citizens. Guess what? SCOTUS handed them back U.S. citizenship whether they wanted it or not. Many don’t want it because they are Canadians and their town and their province are in Canada. Can Monaco declare that everybody born on leap year day is a Monegasque citizen and must pay taxes to Monaco? Can Vatican City declare that everybody who has been baptised in a Catholic church — and they do keep records which are legal documents — must pay a tithe to the State of Vatican City? Can Kenya declare that Barack Obama is a Kenyan citizen born overseas in Hawai‘i, to a Kenya-born father, and then impose income taxes and bank account reporting requirements on him? Why should a Canadian citizen living in Canada have to visit some foreign country’s diplomatic mission, pay a fee to renounce citizenship (like a pimp demanding payment from a worker who wants to quit,) and then catch up on documents and payments that foreign country never had a right to require? (Hint: The United States of America is a foreign country to them.)

How You Can Help

     I don’t know who had the $25,000 to buy the Wisconsin voter list, but thank you. Whoever you are, you — or anybody else who wants to hand the Democrats a big defeat — can make a big difference by donating the remaining balance, — about $40,000 USD — for legal fees to carry out a legal challenge to the Democrats’ FATCA in Canada.

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